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Ranchito Paraiso is a CCOF certified organic lemon farm, located in Soquel, California. We work in conjunction with Route 1 farms to help distribute our lemons to the entire Monterey Bay area. 


Our Meyer lemons can be found in various Natural Foods grocery stores including: Staff of Life, New Leaf Markets, Whole Foods & Shoppers Corner.

In  Monterey: La Balena Restaurant, Happy Girl Kitchen, & Earth Bound Farm Stand.


Santa Cruz County: Gabriella Cafe, BANTAM, SOIF, La POSTA, River Cafe, Lulu's, Coffee Cat, New Leaf Felton, Cremer House, Twins Kitchen, & Penny Ice Creamery.

🍋 Citrus meyeri, a hybrid fruit believed to be a cross between the common lemon and the mandarin orange, is named for Frank Nicholas Meyer. An “agricultural explorer” with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Meyer first encountered the lemons — on purely ornamental trees — in 1908, while on an expedition to China. He brought them back to California, where they flourished until blight and quarantine (plus the fact that their thin skin made them difficult to ship) confined them primarily to that state.

Enter virus-free Improved Meyer Lemon trees in 1975, combined with the marketing clout of Chez Panisse founder Alice Waters and Martha Stewart, and soon cooks around the country began to discover these low-calorie, vitamin C-rich fruits.


Among the local chefs making magic tasting like a cross between lemon, lime and mandarin oranges with hints of honey and herbal notes, Meyers are sweeter, more aromatic and flavorful than “regular” lemons. And their smooth, thin skin is entirely edible, so you can use the whole fruit. Zest the sweet outer skin over seafood or asparagus risotto, rice or couscous, or pasta dishes sauced with tomato or citrus cream. Thin strips or twists make pretty garnishes.


Grated frozen lemons are super easy to combine with your food, you can add them to ice cream, salads, soups and so on and take advantage of all the benefits they hold. The best thing about frozen lemon peel is that it’s incredibly effective against all types of cancer, cysts and tumors. Multiple studies on the subject have showed the powerful effect of lemon peel against cancer cells and recommend it as a treatment. Moreover, lemon peels have powerful antibacterial and antimicrobial effect meaning that they’re effective against bacterial and fungal infections as well. They also regulate your blood pressure, have antidepressant effects and eliminate feelings of anxiety and irritability. If this wasn’t enough, lemon peels alkalize your body and regulate the blood’s pH values, promoting optimal health.


Studies have shown that lemon peels can destroy the cancer cells of 12 types of cancer among which one of the deadliest – prostate, colon, pancreatic and lung cancer.


The compounds found in lemon peels, as we already said before, are thousand times more powerful than ADRIAMYCIN, a drug commonly used in chemo but more importantly the lemon peels only act on the malignant cells, destroying them, while leaving behind the healthy cells without damaging them.

Soquel, CA 95073

Tel: 831-818-7725, marcdkraft@gmail.com

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